Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Material Change

There's been no material change in the outlook from yesterday, and as such, I'm taking the night off!  I have decided to do 4 updates a week for the time being, as there's usually (at least) one day each week when nothing really changes, and the current hours are killing me.

I did want to clarify that in yesterday's update, when I talked about potential monetary stimulus, I was referring to Europe.  I have little hope for a QE3 program from Uncle Ben at this time.  Trade safe.  :)


  1. Right on brother.  I don't think readers realize how much time and true effort with mind numbing thought it takes to write articles in the first place.  But to do it every night to a schedule is a task I personally couldn't do for long.  And I'm a damned hard worker.  But to do what you do, complete with charts which in themselves are as much work as (if not more than) the articles themselves is a task not meant for mere mortals.  Enjoy some time off brother Pretzel... with our blessings.

  2. I thank you for all of your hard work and honesty in your analysis. I appreciate how you constantly challenge your own personal view point of where the market is headed by staying true to the theory and letting the counts unfold instead of reading in what is not really there. The night off is greatly earned.