Thursday, September 13, 2012

Market Awaits the Fed While the World Goes Crazy

There's absolutely nothing to add to yesterday's update -- and believe me, I really looked.  After I studied the charts, I decided to look at some economic stats... and as I meandered my way around the world of online news, somehow I found myself watching the low-budget film trailer which apparently offended some folks in Libya enough that they decided to storm the U.S. Consolute and kill a number of innocent people, including the U.S. Ambassador

The trailer is incredibly low-budget, poorly-written, and hastily-produced.  Normally, I wouldn't have watched it beyond the first 30 seconds unless I was being forced to do so at gunpoint -- but I felt a morbid curiosity to discover what could possibly be hidden in a film trailer that could anger a mob so much that they felt its mere existance justified the killing of innocent people. 

Suffice to say, I couldn't find it; nor did I expect to.  All I'll say about it is this... the majority of philosophies leave no equivocation on this issue: offensive words do not justify violence and murder.

Sorry for the tangent, but I found the whole incident disgusting.  I didn't set out to write this; I just ended up here after reading the news -- and I won't say more about it, since I do not wish to have my house burned to the ground by an angry mob.

My heart goes out to those families who were impacted by this tragedy.

I'm sure there'll be more market-related stuff to talk about tomorrow, after the Fed announcement.  Trade safe.

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  1. That's what I call a Friday 13th... I 've lost 10% of my whole acct.