Friday, December 28, 2012

Publication note

Unfortunately, I had a minor family emergency occur as I was beginning the update, and it has required my full attention for the last several hours -- so the update will return on the weekend.

Good luck out there, and trade safe.


  1. It's all about priorities JH.  You've got 'em line up right. 

    Can I share a wee secret with you?  Last night I got the wonderful news, news that shocked me but shouldn't have, that my great big wonderful son get engaged on Christmas Eve.  And I couldn't be happier because his lady is an absolutely smashing good catch.  Simply gorgeous.  Tall, athletic, a Phys. Ed. teacher... and she treats me like gold.  I love that girl and now she's going to become my daughter-in-law.  Wow!

    Enjoy the weekend bro.. and take it easy... Hawaiian style.

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