Friday, December 12, 2014

Brief Update #2: COMPQ Canary Not Dead Yet

I intended today's update to be a comprehensive review of all things bullish and bearish, but my life got in the way and I had to deal with a personal issue.  Hopefully the "bonus update" on Thursday earned me a little bit of credit that can be applied toward today's unusually-brief update.

In any case, I promise a more comprehensive update for the weekend, but in the meantime, I think the COMPQ chart will continue to serve us very well in regards to sorting out the market's intentions heading forward. 

The implications of a breakdown in COMPQ would almost certainly carry, by extension, to SPX and INDU as well.

My apologies again for the short update at an important inflection point.  Hopefully, COMPQ will serve everyone well enough to get through today's session.  Have a great weekend, and trade safe.

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