Monday, April 11, 2016

SPX, INDU, BKX: A Canary in the Coal Mine?

Well, there's been no material change since last update, but I do have a new chart for us to keep an eye on (or: "for on an eye us to keep," since you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition).  Let's get straight to the charts, starting with INDU.  On Friday, INDU turned right about where I had the 2/b label, but another leg up to complete 2/b still isn't entirely out of the question.  Of course, a breakout over recent highs would take wave 2 (but not b) off the table.

SPX also turned where I had its 2/b label:

Finally, the chart for us to watch is BKX.  In the event BKX were to break out over its recent highs, it wouldn't entirely eliminate all the bear options, but it would certainly call for a healthy dose of bear caution (the FDA considers 200 mg to be a "healthy" dose of caution.  400 mg or more will put you to sleep, but 50 mg or less will tend to blow up your account in about 3 weeks, so dose carefully.  Maybe take a healthy dose of caution before dosing?  Ah, Catch 22!)

In conclusion, there's no material change since last update, so it's simply up to the market now to prove the bears/bulls right/wrong.  Trade safe.

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