Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Potential SPX Patterns Remain Diametrically Opposed

The moment the market's been waiting for -- the Brexit vote -- is almost upon us.  Voting closes at 5 pm Eastern time tomorrow, and there will be no exit polling done, so the results will come trickling in as each station counts up its votes.  My exclusive sources have revealed that a special American vote-counting team (from Broward County) is flying to England this morning, and will be on hand to drag things out and frustrate everyone -- IF that becomes necessary.

The charts seem to fit the tension surrounding the upcoming vote, and the bull and bear counts appear to be diametrically opposed in a significant fashion. 

Another short term SPX chart below:

In conclusion, there's no change from the prior two updates, as the world awaits England's vote.  Trade safe.

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