Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SPX Update: Rally Continues on Important Hair Ban

No material change from last update, except to add a few notes:  It appears wave (4) was indeed complete, and the current wave does seem to be subdividing.  The near-term chart below contains the details, along with the addition of Target 2:

Whoops, wrong chart!  Here's the chart I thought I was posting:

Long-term, there's still no change, which, although boring, is a good thing because it means there have been no big surprises for my readers:

In conclusion, it appears the market rally will continue due to the recent "Nice Hair" ban, which is as good an explanation as any that the major media outlets ever offer.  I would have said it's rallying because we're in a third wave and that's what third waves do... but what do I know.  In any case, for Pete's sake, do something to screw up your hair before you get hauled off to jail.  Trade safe.

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