Wednesday, July 19, 2017

BKX and INDU: Markets Still Fractured

The only thing worse than this market is my current sinus infection, so I'm going to keep today's update brief.  There really isn't much to add, but the BKX chart is worth an update:

INDU has left the b-c option alive.  I'm not updating anything on this chart, because when I try to, StockCharts deletes everything -- so it's only been auto-updated with the price action:

In conclusion, this market's been harder to trade than a heavily-used Beenie Baby lately, because there is a serious fracture occurring across markets.  This suggests that there is not enough liquidity available to pump everything higher at once, and this does represent a noteworthy character change from the past few years, during which virtually all indices rallied together.  If this trend continues, it may add a bit of weight to the idea that the market is in the fifth wave preceding a decent correction.  Trade safe.

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