Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SPX Update: Exclusive Short List of Contenders to Replace Cohn

Before we get into the charts, my exclusive sources in Washington have uncovered Trump's list of the candidates who are being considered to replace Cohn.  On condition of anonymity, my sources have agreed that it's "okay" for me to share this with our readers.

So, below is the current short list of leading contenders to replace Cohn:

Many pundits were expecting Square Based Pyramid to be on that list, since he's a lot like Cohn (but with more edge) -- but I bet a lot of people are surprised to see Cuboid on there!  Triangular Prism is generally considered to be the most bearish option.

I'm looking forward to us finally being able to watch a long-anticipated season of The Apprentice:  Washington Edition, as these leading candidates are forced to perform wacky antics before a live television audience, while Trump eventually tells all but one of them:  "You're fired."

Kidding aside, the market has continued to remain "more fun than a barrel of radioactive waste from Chernobyl," as there are currently no less than three possible patterns that could develop from here.  The one that has the potential of burning the greatest number of participants would be the black path on the chart below.

However, the blue path offers two different targeting methods that both arrive at 2868+/- as the final target, so that's interesting.

In conclusion, bulls are keeping things interesting, but their ideal count ("Bull Alt: 3") would still seem to be the underdog in the current market.  We'll have to continue to track this as it unfolds.  Trade safe.

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