Wednesday, February 20, 2019

SPX Update: A Great Market for Spearfishing

This remains an exciting nail-biter of a market, by which I mean it's a great market to consider taking up a hobby like skydiving or spearfishing... or even something truly daring, like stamp collecting, which is considerably higher intensity than this market has been lately.  VIX is still hovering around 15, although by all rights, given the price action of late, VIX should be trading at zero or below.

SPX ended up capturing Friday's "if/then" target that very same session, and has finally reached/is reaching its most recent intermediate resistance zone, so maybe the market will react to that and give us something more exciting to trade:

In conclusion, SPX has been trying to lull everyone to sleep, and it's done a darn good job, so maybe that complacency combined with the current resistance zone will finally spark a little volatility back into the market.  We can only hope.  Trade safe.

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