Wednesday, September 4, 2019

SPX Update II: Revenge of the Stockcharts

I drew a really nice chart for today's update -- maybe the best chart I've ever drawn.  It's highly likely this chart, had I been able to publish it, would have improved the lives of millions of people, and possibly cured diabetes.  Unfortunately, StockCharts had other plans, so when I attempted to save the chart, it deleted it.

This left me short on time for today's update, which will be accordingly brief.

I've reproduced what I could of the deleted chart:

In conclusion, yesterday's decline did not quite overlap the presumed wave-I high (Blogger or Edge keeps auto correcting my I from lower case to capital), which leaves open the option for yesterday's dip to be a micro fourth wave, if SPX can break out over 2940.  If that high holds, then we may be looking at a b-wave high at 2940, which would lead to the black "or (B)" on the chart above.  Trade safe.

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