Monday, March 30, 2020

SPX, COMPQ, NYA: To Simplify Things as Much as Possible, Here Are the Next Zones to Watch

Last update discussed that the market had reached an important upside inflection zone, and Friday simply remained stalled at that zone, giving me very little to talk about.  In the event bulls can generate a rally here, the upside inflection zone stretches a bit higher, as shown by the blue line on SPX:

And the black line on NYA:

COMPQ unchanged:

And from the bull perspective, bulls are still holding the first important long-term uptrend line:

In conclusion, to simplify things as much as humanly possible in a complex time, the first step for bulls is to reclaim (and hold) the zones discussed in the first three charts -- bears, of course, want to hold those zones.  The first step for bears is to claim (and hold) the zone discussed in the final chart.  Until either of those things occur, the market is in something of a broad no-man's-land.  Trade safe.

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