Friday, May 28, 2021

SPX and Gold Updates

Since last update, SPX has moved sideways, answering nothing:

A supporter asked for a Gold update -- Gold has held support since the last update.  If gold bulls can clear ~1963, then the decline could pass for three waves down from the ATH, and that would then imply new ATHs on the horizon:

In conclusion, SPX has done little since last update, leaving the discussions of the prior few updates still on the table.  Trade safe.

1 comment:

  1. market defying move for a long time as DOW is invincible & Q's pathetic. Inflation in commodities is already here and likely to surge even higher. Dollar and treasury yields defy logic in the fastest economy in the world. If there is no deep drop between now and quarterly reports in July Tulip Mania move ahead. JUNE is only month left to see a crash till Sept/Oct. possibility. Gravity defying market like trump announcing he will be seated again as president this August. In hindsight hundreds of books will explain how we all were fooled.