Wednesday, September 22, 2021

SPX Update: No Material Change

 So far, nothing to add to last update, except to update the charts:

Closer view:

In conclusion, no material change from last update -- so far, anyway.  For information sake:  If bulls were to sustain trade above the 4450 zone, it might get a little tougher.  Trade safe.


  1. Hi. I have tried for a long time to get access. I just registered with a different email address and also made a donation .Can you advise if I have access now? Thanks

  2. Still feel the market may want to sucker in more Robinhooder types before wiping them out. You indicate last 2 Wave 4's in SPX were 1810.10 in Feb 2016 & 2191.86 in Mar 2021. On my weekly chart (10 Pts/Week), the 45 degree angle moving up 10 pts per week from 1810.10 intersects (I call it my trine line) the angle moving up 30 pts per week from 2191.86 on the week ending Dec 11th. These two angles cross around SPX 4845.00.
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