Monday, November 1, 2021

SPX Update: Trending Markets

As is typical in a trending market, there's not much to add since last update.  The near-term preferred count (that bull: 3 was still unfolding, per 10/25 annotation; and last update's presumption that the trend remained up) proved good with the new all-time high on Friday.  It's three waves up from 4551 to the new ATH, so there is an option for bull: iv to become more complex if it so chooses.  Otherwise, we're in the midst of another small subdividing rally wave (counting up from 4551) that of itself will need a small iv and v.

No change to the bigger picture, either:

In conclusion, trending markets are... well, trending, so until that changes, there's not much to add after you've identified that trend.  Trade safe.

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