Wednesday, November 10, 2021

SPX Update

Since last update, the market followed through a little on its initial reaction to blue resistance:

This was not outside the realm of possibility, and SPX dropped down toward the small blue "or iv' label that was on Monday's short-term chart:

In conclusion, nothing too surprising YET... but in the event that the current decline were to turn into a larger impulse, then we would at least keep alert to the possibility that ALL OF Bull: 3 completed at the ATH, which would turn the current correction into the larger bull: 4.  Other than to bring awareness to that option, no real change so far.  Trade safe.


  1. Logical to assume correction here followed by another wave up. Three factors indicating crash scenario is very likely within next 3 to 6 months. 1 - New Paradigm replaced with transitory inflation. 2 - Dollar, Oil, wages, PCE, JOLTS and even bond yields will soon reveal that the 40 years deflation cycle is dead. 3 - All Indicators will be at extremes never seen before. The political arena had it's head already decapitated but realization didn't set in. Timeline: Late January thru early April turmoil.

  2. Giddy up in this giddy market. Dollar will see 100 soon, 10 year note yield should easily double in next 2 months. Deflation over 40 years will be seen as a cycle that ran it's course. DEBT will become major problem soon. Unheard of still but give it 60 days to get through. BITCOIN acting funny here. major technical candlestick patterns for a while suggesting "to da moon", yet it actually seems ready for a big fall. Jan 6th renamed Patriots Day and Holocaust believers will be thrown in jail in RED states.