Monday, April 25, 2022

SPX Update: Target 1 Captured

On Friday, SPX captured Target 1 -- in after-hours trade, it then kept going.  In overnight trade, it captured the cash equivalent of Target 2.

Let's start with the intermediate term, because this projection is something of an "all roads lead to this."  In other words, while the market has a number of options over the near-term, the only thing that can kick this off the table is a new all-time-high.

Intermediate term patterns are generally much easier to predict than day-by-day patterns, as the market always has a million and one ways to get where it's eventually going.  So if you're confused by the near-term options below, then just refer back to the chart above for clarity.

First up, the used-to-be-alternate count:

Next, the near-term chart that shows the diagonal still in play (for now, meaning as of Sunday night when I drew the chart and am writing this), and since the e-mini futures have captured Target 2 in overnight trade, I added targets 3/4 in the event SPX sustains trade below T2:

(Also: There are two "T3" labels.  The second "T3" should be labeled "T4" under the traditional guidelines of the Arabic numeral system.  "T3" twice is obviously a typo.  The first T3 is also supposed to be 4170-85, not 4270-85.  My proofreader has been sacked.)

In conclusion, while there are still numerous options for the near term, the intermediate term chart and the mid-3700s target zone from April 8 helps clear the noise.  Trade safe.

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