Friday, September 30, 2022

SPX Update: Time for the Market to Decide

The market remains stalled in the inflection zone that was identified weeks before we even got here (which is the market's version of "acknowledgment" of that zone) so there's still not a ton to add.  SPX again stalled at the noted trend line:

The near-term count continues to show why this is an inflection zone:

The intermediate chart shows the same:

And still no change to NYA:

Beyond that, I can find no reason to try to improve on the final paragraph from last update:

In conclusion, no real change since last update. All markets appear to be three wave declines so far, which means that any large bounce from here would create a new b-wave low (meaning the low would eventually be broken), because these patterns need to be five wave declines to be truly complete. Thus, we remain in a near-term inflection zone, where the market could choose to delay a bit longer, but bigger picture, the trend still remains down.

Trade safe. 

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