Sunday, April 9, 2023

SPX and NYA: A Million Miles (a Million Miles)

Since last update, the market has continued its near-term churning within its even larger "lost year" of churning.  I'm inclined to lean toward Friday's low being a b-wave, so suspect that low will be revisited/broken early this week.  If that's correct, it would keep the most bearish options on the table:

Of course, after a ~year in a trading range, it gets hard to imagine the market doing anything other than running sideways for another 600 years, but that's how they getcha!

NYA does have a potentially-complete c (or 3) rally on the board:

In conclusion, everyone has had about enough of this endless grind, so we'll see if the market is ready to start doing something finally.  It's at least worth mentioning that in the most bearish world, this setup would be exceedingly bearish; we'll see if the market negates this setup or not.  Until then, there's just not much else to add.  Trade safe.

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