Monday, April 17, 2023

SPX, NYA, BKX Updates

SPX closed Friday's session down 8 points, leaving everything in pretty much the same place it was. 

NYA was rejected from the 15,700ish zone on Friday's attempt, so we'll see if that's permanent or temporary:

BKX has formed three waves up from its recent low (could still be in progress).  The bigger question here is whether the entire decline marked a complete 5 down, or if we're in the midst of a nested third wave.  Both options are longer-term bearish, but the first option could be near-term bullish.

Finally, SPX has so far remained below the meaningful level (4196), so blue 2 is still hanging on as an option:

In conclusion, blue 3 is running out of real estate, but still on the table, so if it's going to show up, then it needs to start soon.  The decline off Friday's high may have been impulsive, and so far, there's only three waves back up off Friday's low -- so this is something to watch early in the week.  Trade safe.

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