Monday, May 22, 2023

SPX Sidedate: (Well, it's not an "up"-date, and it's not a "down"-date, so...)

SPX changed by a whopping 6 points on Friday, leaving everything in the exact same position.  To the point that there's really no reason to even publish an update, frankly.  

Here's Friday's update again, which is unchanged.

That said, "market didn't do anything" doesn't mean I don't still look through my chart book to see if I missed anything or if any new clues cropped up in other markets.  I did that, as I always do, and happened to stumble across this chart from more than two months ago:

Other than that, there's nothing else to add since Friday.  This is the most exasperating market I believe I've seen in at least a decade, maybe longer.  I've even heard rumors that the next dictionary will feature a picture of the early-2023 stock market next to the definition of "ennui,".  Trade safe.

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