Friday, September 15, 2023

SPX and Climate Update

SPX finally did something a bit out of the ordinary yesterday and formed what appears to be a WXY complex corrective wave.  Experts warn that these types of unusual waves are only going to become more frequent due to climate change.  

(I've finally learned from the media that anything bad, particularly if it's also uncommon, should always be linked, however tenuously and without evidence, to "climate change."  Do this by citing "experts" or "scientists," as if all scientists view the world the exact same way, in order to spread irrational superstitious fea... ahem, I mean in order to "raise awareness" of the challenges traders face due to climate change, which itself is being made even worse by climate change.  Note that nothing good can ever be attributed to climate change, because climate change pauses entirely for every single beautiful, sunny day and only picks back up again for headlines.  The climate changes - obviously, you denier! - but it's not a constant, universal change, because that would, unavoidably, also improve the weather on some days.  Climate change is extremely selective, only appearing when we want something to blame.)

Anyway, we'll see if bears can hold this to the potential WXY, or if it morphs into something more bullish due to climate change.  Trade safe.

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