Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Where Do We Go from Here (Now That All of the Children Are Grown Up)?

America is getting progressively dumber at an alarming rate.  This is happening both literally...

And anecdotally.  Both of these next two items are screenshots from the U.S. Treasury official website.  Item one:  

Since we need to borrow almost a trillion dollars this quarter (I believe it's over a trillion if you count SOMA), you might think that would prompt some soul searching as to whether continuing to increase taxpayer debt is sustainable in a "not low" interest rate environment (we're not even in a "high" interest rate environment, unless one's baseline is the last 15 years).  But you'd be wrong.  Instead, we're going to waste even more precious resources and money we don't have producing detailed reports about issues that we have zero control over (aka: "the weather"):

These are only three examples of the types of news items you and I see every single day that cannot help but cause us to question what the hell this country is doing.  It's as if there's a massive tsunami headed straight for us but, instead of making any effort to prepare or even acknowledge its existence, we're busy arguing about whether Coke is better than Pepsi.  And we're getting REALLY HEATED about that argument.  As if that's something that matters more than, say, the fact that we're going to be crushed by interest payments on the debt, or the fact that banks are holding tons of questionable assets, or the fact that our actions on the world stage are uniting our worst enemies in common cause against us, at the exact same time that we're weakening ourselves both financially and militarily (some of our munitions stockpiles will take over a decade to replenish -- and that was as of January), and the fact that historians may well look back on this time in history as "the Start of World War III."

Along with a million other serious and, more importantly, real issues that we're completely ignoring. 

Something to think about as they test the emergency cell phone alert system later today.  (Meanwhile, Russia ran nationwide drills for nuclear war yesterday.  I'm sure the timing of both of these things is purely coincidental.  Don't give it another thought.)

Anyway, NYA captured its target from two months ago (typo says "Sept. 7," but the target was from August 7):

And SPX is tracking this "roadmap" chart (not updated since September 22) well so far:

Other than mentioning the target captures (targets often act as support/resistance, so this could lead to a near-term bounce), there's no change from recent updates.  Trade safe.

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