Monday, June 10, 2024

SPX, COMPQ, INDU: COMPQ Captures Upside Target

Let's start with COMPQ, which has now captured its "official" upside target from May along with its "unofficial" upside target zone from November of last year:

INDU remains worth keeping an eye on:

And SPX is into "fifth wave could complete whenever it wants" territory:

In conclusion, we're probably getting close (days to weeks) to a significant correction, and potentially even to the start of a new bear market.  That said, fifth waves are intentionally tricky to nail down, so they always leave themselves the option for things like fifth wave extensions, just to severely punish bears one last time... so my policy is generally to await an impulsive decline before deciding to buck the trend with any conviction.  Even after that first impulse down, MOST OF THE TIME (not always, of course), there's a big bounce that comes reasonably close to the prior high, and that's usually a reasonable time for bears to get serious.  Trade safe.

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