Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPX Non-Update

Last update discussed the potential that one more higher-high might complete Bull 3, and while SPX fell about 4 points shy of my ideal target, we did get a higher high and a reversal, so that might be all she wrote for Bull 3, with the larger fourth wave correction I discussed now on deck. 

It is still possible for there to be one more small 4th and 5th left to unwind, but I'm not banking on that. 

I have to apologize, but we've had a lot of rain these past couple days, and my internet connection was barely functional today, so I was unable to update charts today -- but there's really not much to update, except -- as noted -- that with yesterday's new high, Bull 3 can now count as complete:

I'll attempt to do a more complete update for Thursday, internet connection willing.  Fortunately, Monday's update was pretty thorough, and the market seems to be playing along with my predictions.  Please refer back to those charts if needed.  Trade safe.

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