Monday, August 17, 2020

SPX and INDU... and Some Random Thoughts

 Last update suggested the red trend line would be first near-term support for SPX, and on Friday, the market closed basically right on it.  Today, futures are indicating it's going to bounce up off that support line and gap higher at the open:

INDU has continued to hold the "three down" inflection low that I noted last Wednesday:

Frankly, instead of this, I really want to write about the (presumed) pending Supercycle peak I've discussed previously... but that would mean I need to discuss what's happening in America's cities.  And that would mean I'd need to discuss the intellectual decline of academia and how it's impacting our youth.  And to further discuss the throttling of our information streams.

But all of that will require I wade into topics that some will find "controversial."  (Of course, virtually everything is "controversial" in a society that can no longer agree on any common standards.)  And I'm just not sure how I want to approach that yet.

Instead, I'll leave you with a link to a clip that left an impression on me tonight, which you probably won't see covered by our vaunted media outlets.  I've seen dozens of such clips -- but most of them don't seem to make the mainstream news.  There are certain types of clips that DO make the news, and those clips seem careful chosen to create a specific impression in viewers.  I'll leave it to readers to determine why the media is filtering out many of these glimpses into what's happening on the ground in America:  

Portland (warning: graphic)

Anyway, sorry for the digression.  This stuff is on my mind a lot lately, especially how it all seems to, unfortunately, tie-in to my projected Supercycle peak.  Trade safe.

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