Friday, May 12, 2023

SPX: More Exciting Than a Shoe Full of Spiders

The reviews are in!  Critics are raving over SPX!

"Annoying and boring." -- Siskel and Ebert

"An insufferable sideways grind."  -- The Wall Street Journal

"Is this thing even on?" -- Mike Tyson, just before punching a hole in his screen

The action-devoid sleeper is here!  Pre-order your tickets NOW.  Don't miss: 

SPX:  The Revenge of something something whatever zzzzzzzzzz...

Now playing at a theater near you!

So, yeah.  Still not a lot to add here.  The market has traded sideways since the last update, and possibly since the dawn of time.  Here's the updated SPX chart:

Er... wait a second.  I think that's last week's chart.

Yeah, it is, sorry.  HERE'S the updated SPX chart:

As we can see on the chart above... hang on, that's the wrong time scale.  I didn't mean to use an hourly chart.

Okay, here:

And there we have it!  In conclusion, there's still nothing to add and, at the market's current pace, there may never be anything to add ever again.  Trade safe. 

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