Monday, May 15, 2023

SPX Update: More Fun than a Mayonnaise Popsicle

Nothing to add to the last 283 updates, since SPX held the next semi-meaningful level.  I suspect we may see something like the blue path outlined below, but I'm far from certain of that, as the pattern here is best described as "a seemingly-mindless blob."

There is, of course, nothing to add about the intermediate term, given that the market went nowhere for the entirety of last week, after going nowhere for 2023, after going nowhere since April of 2022 -- so if you require intermediate context, please refer back to prior updates.  There's really only so many different ways I can say the same thing, and I believe at this point, I have exhausted all of them (at least, short of translating into new languages!).  Trade safe.

p.s.- I have a son graduating high school this week, and I have family in town for the next couple weeks, so unless there's actually something new to say during that time, the updates will probably be brief.  Thanks for your understanding.

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