Wednesday, July 19, 2023


As I listen to the wind and rain of Tropical Storm Calvinist whipping around outside, I'm to the point with this market where I was actually hoping NYA had broken above its key level, just so I could write about something new.  But alas, not yet.  

After roughly doubling the prices of everything over the past two years (anecdotally if not "officially"), June inflation suddenly came in at manageable levels, implying that the Fed's interest rate hikes have been successful.  Hilarious that the politicians who did nothing but create massive inflation are now trying to take credit for the Fed's apparent win.

BKX is unchanged:

And COMPQ has broken above its long-term trend line:

In conclusion, still waiting on NYA to make it official (or not)... and the power just flickered on and off, so I'll end it here.  Trade safe.

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