Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SPX, INDU, NDX: Quick Glances at Multiple Time Frames

Yesterday, SPX and INDU both made new all-time highs, so I'm glad we didn't get bearish near the recent low.  This market still isn't doing anyone any favors as far as future predictability, but we'll look at a couple options today.

First off, near-term, it appears we probably have at least one more wave up still remaining:

From there, the market has the option to put in a simple, short fifth wave -- or the option for an extended fifth.  Almost every wave lately, across all wave degrees, has developed an extended fifth wave, so it's not a bad idea to be wary of one developing here.

The extended fifth would allow a possible "resolution" higher, if it occurs, and could prelude a much larger correction -- while the market's other option would be less direct..  The other primary option here is for an extended sideways chop zone to develop.  Such a chop zone would leave the high unresolved, suggesting an eventual resolution higher from said chop zone:

In conclusion:  Recently, markets have been somewhat fractured, with RUT still well-off its high, NDX a little below its high, and SPX and INDU at new highs.  This is not aiding in "predictability" here, but I'm expecting things will clarify in fairly short order.  Trade safe.

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