Friday, June 2, 2023

NYA Update: Jerome Powell EXPLODES in Fiery Blast

If you've ever read the "financial" media (or really, any media), you know that one of their tricks to keep us interested is to use hyperbole a LOT.  So you see a lot of headlines that either scream that it's the end of the world or that the market is going to the moon.  What you don't see are a lot of pieces like the pieces I've been writing for the past couple months, which boil down to "nothing to see yet."  So I apologize if these have been boring, but I prefer what I view as the "boring truth" to an exciting lie.

Nothing has changed from the past few updates, NYA is still severely lagging SPX (if need be, reread the past few updates to see what that means):

So, still nothing to add, unfortunately.  Other than, of course, the news that JEROME POWELL EXPLODES!!!  Which probably didn't happen.  (Though, to be fair, I haven't seen any reports denying this, either.)

When something does happen, which it eventually will (I think), then we'll finally have something to talk about again.

Trade safe.

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