Wednesday, September 20, 2023

SPX, COMPQ, and SPX Again: You Have Too Much Freedom

Yesterday, SPX confirmed the rare WXY pattern.  Experts warned that such patterns would become more common due to climate change, and this pattern JUST HAPPENED (it's clearly become common; aka: recency bias), thereby proving that:

  1. Climate change is real and therefore every statement we make about it is also true.
  2. Anything real is also automatically a "crisis" as long as we repeat the term "crisis" over and over while simultaneously silencing all contrary views.
  3. You have too much freedom.
  4. Actually, ALL Americans have too much freedom.  We need to figure out a way to gain control over them since the democratic process is not to be trusted.
  5. Maybe we can convince them to let us take away their cars?  
  6. And their stoves and heat.
  7. And their food.
  8. And drive their cost of living through the roof.  By fiat if we can't sell them on it.
  9. That would learn 'em.  
  10. Err... we mean, totalitarianism would be better for us.
  11. Wait!  We mean that stuff will help solve the "crisis" we just proved exists!  Refer back to #1.
(The above rant, in part, illustrates how bad logic and propaganda work:  Just because WXY was proven true, it does not automatically follow that every -- or any! -- statement we link to WXY is also true.)

SPX found support at the blue trend line:

COMPQ broke below red, but also held its blue trend line (so far):

Finally, we probably shouldn't entirely ignore the fact that there is a bull option here:

I want to lean toward the bear options, because the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we all know it, but the deck chairs on the Titanic can always be rearranged before it sinks.  Trade safe.

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